Capable Patio Door Replacement in Pittsburgh

Relax on your patio free from worry when you choose patio door replacement in Pittsburgh from Window Installation Specialists. For more than 45 years, our company has been providing quality products from leading manufacturers for patio door installation.

It takes a keen eye for design and quality construction to make reliable sliding glass doors. The products we carry and install are structurally sound enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy use. Plus, they bring the outside inside with glass that offers maximum viewing capacity and increased natural light.

Count on our window installation specialists to help you choose fiberglass hinged and sliding patio door systems, featuring construction that prevents splitting, cracking, or rotting. Each patio door comes with generous weather stripping, high-performance sills, and insulated glass for UV protection, making a difference in the comfort of your home and your energy bills. Call Melissa to request a free, on-site estimate.

Contact us today to replace sliding glass doors that are old, damaged, and unsightly. We proudly serve customers in the Greater Pittsburgh area of southwestern Pennsylvania.