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For four generations, Marvin has built a reputation for doing the tough window replacement projects. We collaborate early on with architects, facilities managers and general contractors; review products and options; navigate the National Parks Service guidelines; discuss window specifications with local historic commissions; and attend field testing. We offer the best project-based solutions and work with all participants to achieve excellent performance and historical accuracy.


At every step, we bring an unmatched level of expertise, with service tailored to the needs of your historic project. 

Architectural Project Managers

Marvin’s architectural project managers (APMs) have strong relationships with historic field professionals and a deep knowledge of historic buildings, providing an ideal support system for window and door projects.

Architectural Project Coordinators 

Architectural project coordinators work out of our manufacturing facility for every historic project, regardless of complexity, to provide support services from consultation to prototype creation.

Signature Services

Signature Services creates a customized plan for each project, with guidance from the architectural project coordinator, taking each one from concept to creation—all in Marvin’s factory. Signature Services has handled some of the most intricate and complex projects in Marvin’s history.

Rapid Prototyping

Marvin offers in-house rapid prototyping services to prepare materials that aid in a quicker historic committee approval process.

Historic Design Solutions


At Marvin, we welcome the complexities and unique personalities of historic locations and understand the importance of maintaining the historic features and architectural integrity of windows and doors. To appropriately accommodate any project, we offer standard and custom design solutions to fit your historic window or door needs.

  • Interior & Exterior Sash Lug
  • Signature Ultimate Double Hung Chain & Pulley
  • Divided Lites
  • Glass & Glazing
  • Casing & Subsills
  • Clad Colors
  • Exterior & Interior Woods Species Options
  • Interior Finish Options

Historic Design Window Solutions

Ultimate Double Hung G2
Ultimate Double Hung Insert G2
Ultimate Hopper
Ultimate Picture
Ultimate Specialty Shapes
Ultimate Double Hung Window Sash Replacement Kit
Ultimate Wood Double Hung
Ultimate Wood Double Hung Insert
Ultimate Wood Double Hung Magnum
Ultimate Wood Single Hung